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I walked into Liquid Studios, nestled on the outskirts of Carlisle, UK, and I was immediately struck by the array of possibilities that surrounded me. As a creative at heart, I could envision the untapped potential for storytelling that this space held. My mind buzzed with ideas, but one in particular held my attention: podcasting. We’ve worked with big names like Sky, BBC, and ITV Borders, as well as local businesses. But I think it’s high time we talk about why a controlled studio environment, like the one we offer at Liquid Studios, is a game-changer for filming podcasts.

Podcasting has skyrocketed in recent years. According to Statista, global podcasting revenues reached approximately 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. While most think of it as an audio-only medium, a growing trend involves filming the podcast sessions. That’s where we come in.

Controlled Environment, Uncontrolled Creativity

The beauty of a controlled studio environment lies in its predictability. Ambient noise? What’s that? In our studio, every hum, crackle, or external commotion is eliminated, giving your voice the crystal clarity it deserves. Outdoor settings might offer ‘natural charm,’ but they’re also a breeding ground for unplanned disruptions. Your audience needs to hear your message, not the honking of cars or chattering of passerby. Podcast Insights states that 55% of the US population has listened to a podcast. When you’re speaking to that large of an audience, every word counts.

Greenscreen Wonders

Imagine talking about global cuisines in your podcast, and as you describe the spices of Indian curries or the freshness of Japanese sushi, the background changes to represent those countries. Our greenscreen capabilities make this possible. You’re no longer confined to a static backdrop; your imagination can now roam free. This level of visual storytelling can deepen your audience’s connection to the topics you’re discussing, making your podcast memorable.

A Kitchen Like No Other

Food bloggers, dieticians, and chefs, listen up! Our fully fitted professional kitchen is your playground. Have you ever thought about running a cooking podcast? The kitchen at Liquid Studios provides everything you need to create visually stunning and incredibly informative cooking podcasts. Because let’s be honest, food is as much a visual delight as it is a culinary one. Instead of merely talking your listeners through a recipe, why not show them? It adds an entire layer of engagement and helps your audience connect with you on a personal level.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

It goes without saying that quality equipment is the backbone of any successful podcast. With our high-definition cameras, top-notch lighting, and crisp sound systems, you’re not just recording a podcast; you’re creating a masterpiece. Many indie podcasters start off with minimal equipment and do the best they can. While that’s commendable, there’s a marked difference when you elevate your production values. It’s like watching your favourite film on a 4K Ultra HD screen versus an old CRT TV; both can tell the same story, but one does it with much more finesse.

So, why settle for less when you can have the best? At Liquid Studios, we offer you a blank canvas with all the tools you could ever need to paint your podcasting masterpiece. The controlled environment lets you focus on what truly matters—your content. The greenscreen and our kitchen set up bring your storytelling to life, while our state-of-the-art equipment wraps it up in a package that screams ‘professionalism.’

If you’re ever in the Carlisle area or even further afield, remember, the doors to Liquid Studios are always open for creators like you. Happy podcasting!