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Maximise LinkedIn and make immediate business connections

Join us in Carlisle this January for a transformative networking event.

📍 Location: People First Conference Centre, Milbourne Street Carlisle CA2 5XB

📆 Date: 17 January 2024

🕒 Time: 9am to 4pm

£ Price: 75.00

Are you put off by the thought of making small talk to a potential business lead, face-to-face?!

Jeni Smith is here to share those brilliant tips and the right approach to help make it so much easier.

What about your approach to LinkedIn – would you like to get really good at building your network for personal and business growth?

LinkedIn hints and tips with Mike Roberts
LinkedIn hints and tips with Mike Roberts pt.2
LinkedIn opportunities await as we work together
Mike Roberts

🔗 Digital Networking with Mike Roberts of Making Digital Real:

Dive deep into the dynamic world of LinkedIn and digital networking. In two power-packed 40-minute sessions, learn:

🔥 Lead generation strategies that work.

🔥 Elevating your personal brand.

🔥 Rehumanising digital networking through video messaging and more.

🔥 Smart tips and tricks to give you an edge in the digital space.

Making Digital Real.


A live (and online) event to make 2024 your year of success with networking and

Hosted by Liquid Studios, join us for a live masterclass to kickstart 2024 to get you ahead of your competition when it comes to LinkedIn and networking! Whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to expand their connections and generate more leads, this event is for you.


It’s true, Professional photographer Pete Couch will be on hand with mini-onsite studio setup.

Available for the first 10 bookings attending this event!

🍽 Lunch & Refreshments:

Feast on a delightful lunch and stay refreshed with beverages throughout the day.

Jeni Smith, Founder of NetKno

🤝 In-Person Networking with Jeni Smith:

Jeni Smith, networking strategist and founder of NetKno. Her 2 sessions will enlighten you on the art of in-person networking. In this session, you’ll:

🔥 Understand the theory behind effective networking.

🔥 Master practical networking techniques.

🔥 Learn strategic approaches to ensure every connection counts.

💼 Networking Session:

What’s a networking event without actual networking? Engage, connect, and build valuable relationships during our dedicated networking time.

Why Attend?

🔥 Start 2024 with a fresh perspective on networking.

🔥 Harness the power of both digital and in-person networking techniques.

🔥 Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

🔥 Enjoy a meal and refreshments in a vibrant atmosphere.

A full day out of the office, to set you up for the year, what’s not to love.